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Who controls the gates?

The gates are controlled ultimately by the Fates. In order to hold the Annual the gods petitioned the fates to allow them use of the gates and Atlantis. The Drowned Dead serve the fates though they might carry messages for the gods.

I want to break away from Greece and set up my own country, how do I get my own Gate?

For one nation to rise, another need fall. The route is likely to involve fierce loyalty to your current culture, its overwhelming success, the sacking of another nation’s capital when that’s their last remaining holding, and their terrible fall, new deities taking the place of theirs in the courts of heaven as the old gods fall to become ’demons’, to end as stories to scare a child... And then vicious civil war, bloody conflict amongst the conquerors, and the foundation of a new culture. Needless to say, the Odyssey team strongly advise this as an objective.

What does it mean if I control a city?

At the beginning of each event you receive tribute from the people who live there. Unlike Profound Decisions’ other game, Maelstrom, there is no way to manage the city’s economy by a downtime system. You are in control, but you are not involved in day to day administration which is carried out by local authorities. Any threats to the cities you control will be solvable at, and only at, the events of the Odyssey campaign.

How many cities will I control as a warleader at the start of the game?

A maximum of one. If there are more than 24 warleaders in your nation, you may not control a city at all. If there are fewer than 24 warleaders in your nation, surplus tribute will be distributed collectively IC to the priests after time in. After the first event, control of cities is down to in character action

What cities will I control as warleader if I start the game after the first event?

If any cities are still available in your culture’s lands when you book for your first event, you will choose one to control, and you will receive its tribute at your first event. If there are no cities available in your culture’s lands, you will have to successfully fight in the arena to control one.

What will happen to my cities if I miss an event?

You may nominate a champion in your group to change path to become a warleader and they will receive the tribute of your cities, although you will have no formal control over their actions. If none of your champions are attending as warleaders, the tribute from your city goes to the priests of your culture, but you may regain ownership for subsequent events if no other warleader successfully fights for control.

Can the map ever change?

Yes. It is highly likely that cities will rise and fall as a result of characters’ actions in the game.

If I am a priest and part of a group, can I introduce that group into the arena myself? Can I make a spectacle of it?

Yes. If you are a priest with the correct skill, your announcement will also earn the warband additional renown and you additional kudos. You are welcome to make a spectacle but it should take no longer than a minute to avoid timekeeping problems.

Why are the gods so unfair?

It is important to remember that the gods of the Odyssey campaign are inspired by the histories and myths of the Classical period. They are powerful entities with their own personalities and motivations. Many of them are, indeed, unfair, just as many of the actions attributed to them in classical myth.