Twelfth Annual Results

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Results of Arena Battles for Saturday of The Golden Ram

  • 9.30am: The Laurel of the Immortals.The prize is won by TARANIS, a mortal, whose heroism and daring is the greatest of all heroes of the Twelfth Annual.
  • 10.30am Egypt challenge for Hadrumentum. The Sentauri of Carthage hold Hadrumentum
  • 11.00am Persia challenge for Sidon. The Guardians of the Nameless City of Persia hold Sidon
  • 11.30am Hellas Phoenicia and Greece challenge for Thebes. The Spears of Thebes of Greece hold Thebes.
  • Midday Carthage challenge for Kôr. The Risen Sun of Egypt hold Kôr.
  • 1pm Rome and Carthage challenge for Cyrene. The Children of Ismenius of Greece hold Cyrene.
  • 1.30pm Egypt challenge for Thugga. The Aynuklmelita of Carthage hold Thugga.
  • 2pm Persia challenge for Rhacotis. The Great Library of Rhacotis of Egypt hold Rhacotis
  • 2.30pm Greece challenge for Olympia. The Neptune’s Fist of Rome hold Olympia.
  • 3pm Carthage challenge for Leptis Magna. The Khemnenthorus of Egypt hold Leptis Magna
  • 4pm Rome and Greece challenge for Mycenae. The Children of Perseus of Greece hold Mycenae
  • 4.30pm Egypt challenge for Lambesis. The Pillars hold Lambesis.
  • 5pm Persia challenge for Rosetta. The Great Library of Egypt hold Rosetta.
  • 5.30pm Hellas Phoenicia challenge for Argos. The Unshackled of Hellas Phoenicia hold Argos.
  • 6pm Carthage challenge for Tyre. The Souk hold Tyre.
  • 7.30 Egypt challenge for Thapsus. The Khemnethorus of Egypt hold Thapsus.
  • 8pm Persia and Greece challenge for Damietta. The Sacred Band of Greece hold Damietta.
  • 8.30pm Hellas Phoenicia challenge for Rhodes. The Guardians of the Nameless City of Persia hold Rhodes.

Results of Arena Battles for Sunday of The Golden Ram

  • Laurel of the Warleaders - won by Kapaneus of the Children of Perseus for the Republic of Humanity. Children of Perseus hold Aoudagost, PRoH hold Tanais
  • Laurel of the Champions - won by Khinorton of the Lakodaemons for Hellas Phoenicia. Ariminum (renamed Khinorton) and Panormus go to the Lakodaemons, Sparta goes to Hellas Phoenicia.
  • The Contest to Rule the Greek Pantheon - champions and forces loyal to ARES and HADES contest rulership of the Greek Pantheon. Are's daughter NIKE abandons her divinity to fight on the Hades side. HADES' side triumphs - resulting in the deaths of the gods ERIS, ARES and PHOBOS. HADES takes Olympus as the Old King.
  • CARTHAGE and HELLAS PHOENICIA contend in exposed status; CARTHAGE triumphs and the Hellenic Phoenician Vision proceeds no further.
  • The VISION of CARTHAGE passes unopposed.
  • The VISION of PERSIA passes unopposed.
  • The VISION of the ZODIAC COUNCIL is opposed in fierce battle and defeated with the CHILDREN OF PERSEUS claiming the bid cities
  • The VISION of GREECE is undefended and is defeated on the field
  • The VISION of ROME passes unopposed
  • The VISION of EGYPT is opposed in fierce battle and triumphs with the KHEMENETHORUS claiming the bid cities
  • The VISION of THE REPUBLIC OF HUMANITY is defeated on the field but endures with sufficient cities to advance, with the SONS OF MARDUK claiming the bid cities

The VISIONS of PERSIA, EGYPT, THE REPUBLIC OF HUMANITY, ROME, and CARTHAGE advance to the Thirteenth Annual.