The World to Come

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The Fate of Atlantis and the Minoans


Atlantis, at the conclusion of the Thirteenth Annual, will collapse back into the Middle Sea, the tremendous forces which have held it in place for thirteen long years finally no longer the equal of the task. It seems that for the Minoans nothing awaits but an eternity of imprisonment and undeath - the key to their forgiveness and release, the god Dionysos, sacrificed himself in the perpetual imprisonment of the Titans Pan and Dagon. Now none stand to offer forgiveness for their terrible crime.

Is the story of the Minoans, servants of Fate, arbiters of the Age of Steel, to end in tragedy - or is there an impossible glimmer of hope?

Those Who Leave the Great Game


For some, the Great Game is already over, as their Vision is defeated or their nation eliminated and no other a welcome place. Not all is lost. In many places plans are afoot to preserve cultures in enclaves far from the Middle Sea, to undertake dangerous and daring trips into the unknown, or to retreat to a land beyond the reach of mortals where the old rules will still hold true. Look to your priests and philosophers; look to your keepers of secrets, for these opportunities.

Warbands which choose to leave the Great Game are gone for good - their territory can however be given over to another warband or warbands if they so choose.They may not participate further in the battles for the End of the Age.*

(*) which is not to say their players cannot. Players whose characters and warband choose to retreat out of the Great Game may, on the Sunday of the Final Annual, spec standard champion characters of any nation they choose - or perhaps of one of the more Unusual Options available here at the very end - and seek to join warbands of any of the Visions still in play. We encourage you to view this as a means of keeping the final battles wild and vital, and to allow you to experience a side of the game you may not otherwise have been able to; retirement of existing characters at this stage is, to all intents and purposes, a victory as the various "lifeboats" break away from the Middle Sea.