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Audience with the Gods at the Final Annual

The gods will hold audiences as usual at the Final Annual, contrary to rumour, However, as noted at the Twelfth Annual, only the most beloved gods of the pantheons, and those called Titans, will be able to initiate audiences. They may choose to invite other gods to speak, but they will control the space.

  • Priests may attend god audiences of the gods of their NATION or ANY audience described as TITANIC.
  • As a special note, priests of the Republic of Humanity may attend audiences as above, but only of their ORIGINATING NATION.
  • Priests who have by any means acquired the special characteristic OF ALL NATIONS AND NONE will have a very specific briefing outlining their interactions with god audiences.
  • Priests may appeal to the gods remaining within their pantheoi to assign them control of an unaligned city directly - this is a massive favour on the part of the god, but allows the priest to directly interact with the Great Game - and bring unaligned cities into play. Only a small number of cities per pantheon are available through this route. See Priests, Philosophers, Visions and the Arena for more on this.

The gods and titans who will be able to initiate audience, in descending order of power are as follows (this list is indicative, not exhaustive):



  • Hausos-Astarte (TITANIC)
  • Tanit-Vesta (TITANIC)
  • Ba'al-Mars (TITANIC)
  • Thoth-Eshmun (TITANIC)
  • Shapash-Prometheus (TITANIC)
  • Bes-Athtar (TITANIC)
  • Orion-who-was-Gauas-Adonis (TITANIC)
  • Kothar-na-Khasis
  • Erebus (TITANIC)
  • El (TITANIC)



  • Hausos-Isis (TITANIC)
  • Thoth Thrice Mighty (TITANIC)
  • Prometheus (TITANIC)
  • Anubis
  • Sutekh
  • Horus
  • Orion-who-was-Osiris (TITANIC)
  • Bes-Athtar (TITANIC)
  • Aapep (TITANIC)



  • Hausos-Aphrodite (TITANIC)
  • Hades, The Old King
  • Thoth-Hermes (TITANIC)
  • The Letotides: Leto, Hyperion, Apollo and Mater Artemisia
  • Prometheus (TITANIC)
  • Orion-who-was-Adonis (TITANIC)
  • Erebus (TITANIC)



  • Prometheus (TITANIC)
  • Orion-who-was-Adonis (TITANIC)
  • Theodora
  • Yamm
  • Erebus (TITANIC)



  • Hausos-Ishtar (TITANIC)
  • Marduk
  • The Twin Thrones: Ereshkigal and Nergal
  • Ohrmazd (TITANIC)
  • Agni (Prometheus) (TITANIC)
  • Orion-who-was-Tammuz (TITANIC)
  • Janus-Amitra (TITANIC)
  • Ahriman (TITANIC)
  • Enki (TITANIC)

Note that Marduk has invited SIN to hold audience for a specific purpose.



  • Hausos-Cybele (TITANIC)
  • Tanit-Vesta (TITANIC)
  • Ba'al-Mars (TITANIC)
  • Sol Invictus (TITANIC)
  • Prometheus (TITANIC)
  • Mercury
  • Orcus
  • Orion-who-was-Attis (TITANIC)
  • Janus-Amitra (TITANIC)
  • Erebus (TITANIC)
  • Enki Sors (TITANIC)

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