The Way That Warbands Come Unglued

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So, last minute update while we're packing for the field. Close to the wire, I know.

The new Visions aspect of the Great Game for Sunday mentions such things as signing your warband up for different visions, and with the ability of nations over the next couple of games not only to rise and fall but also to split and fragment we've been asked a few times how this actually works.

As a Warleader, it's your Warband, and it's your Territory. When an opportunity comes to decide where your loyalties lay, you stand in front of their representative and make your oath, and your territories go with you. When you do so, your Champions stand with you, as many as you can convince. The mechanics for joining a vision and what this entails will be available from the representative.

As a Champion, as of this event, once you walk into the arena with a Warleader, you are bound to them for that day (Up until now, it's been until the end of the event. This is a change). If your Warleader does something that you cannot stand behind, you do not have to make the oath, but you are still bonded to them. You can no longer fight with that warband, but until daybreak you cannot join another. Next day as a free agent you may join whoever you choose (within normal limitations. National warbands must be of one nation).

As a Philosopher, Priest or Attendant, you can get a lot of roleplay out of who you choose to follow, and following a vision may have mechanical effects, but doesn't affect your arena access).

(Drowned Dead and some others will have Oath Sheets for warleaders to fill in when you choose your loyalties, so we can keep track of where characters end up. For this reason it'd be really good if you have a bit of paper with your PID on it if you can't remember it).

Most of the team will be heading to site tomorrow, so if you have any questions about this system, please come and visit GOD (once it's open) and we can talk though specifics.