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The Visions of a New Age at the Final Annual

The end of times it upon us. The gods fall to war and die just as mortals do.


These are the five visions which, over the course of Saturday and Sunday will be winnowed away to two competing visions for the Middle Sea.

The Defeated Visions

There will be a chance for visions which have fallen by the wayside (those of Greece, of Hellas Phoenicia and of the Zodiac Council) to be reinvigorated; as the first declaration made in the Arena during the First Saturday Session. Only one of these three visions may be placed back into contention; the other two are lost for good.

  • Any group or confederation of groups may, at that point, commit territories to "reinvigorate" one of the visions that has fallen by the wayside thus far.
  • Two cities from any supporting warband must be bid for each one city of strength the reinvigorated vision is to have.
  • There must be a minimum territorial bid for the reinvigorated vision that exceeds the total strength of the weakest vision going into the First Saturday Session.


  • Going into the First Saturday Session the weakest vision is that of Carthage, with ten cities sworn to it.
  • A confederation of groups wishes to reinvigorate the Zodiac Council Vision
  • To do so, when King Minos calls for anyone who wishes to speak for a dead vision at the start of the First Saturday Session, a group or groups wishing to reawaken the Zodiac Vision must commit a total of twenty-two cities (10 to match Carthage, +1 to exceed Carthage, x2).
  • All warbands committing territory are at that point assumed to align with the Zodiac Council Vision and may not reswear on Saturday Morning. They stand forth and commit to the new vision they have reinvigorated and they will count as supporters of that vision from that point onwards.

The first vision reinvigorated removes the possibility for any other to be so invigorated. If two groups both wish to spend their cities (or utilise other methodologies) on reinvigorating different visions, then an arena battle will be held to settle the affair as first matter of business Saturday. If both wish to reinvigorate the samevision then both sides are still required to expend their costs.

Half of the territories committed are "expended" and become Unaligned - they may reappear as available for philosophers or gods to claim for themselves during the course of Saturday. The other half are allocated by agreement of the Warbands who wish to follow the reinvigorated vision. Whether cities form the expended or retained half is determined by lot.