The Underworld Asunder

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At event 11, The grand plan of one of the last of Alexander’s companions finally came to fruition: The walls of the underworlds were split asunder, and the dead spilled forth into the world. The underworld Gods are shouting and ordering construction work, but the damage is done, and many have escaped…

This means that for events 12 and 13 next year, any dead character from events 1 through 11 may return to Atlantis. You can play your dead characters.

There are a couple of points around this I’d like to outline and discuss, some rules based, some narrative based. I’ll start with the rules, because they’re the simplest:

Returning Characters

  • If you wish to return a dead character to playable status, email
  • You can return play any ONE of your characters who went to the underworld at Events 1 to 10, or before midnight Saturday at Event 11.
  • Once the walls were re-sealed (at around midnight on the Saturday of Event 11) the underworld was once again closed.
  • You can only play your characters, nobody elses'
  • Characters whose souls were devoured - Eaten by special creatures, consumed to fuel rituals or curses, or otherwise destroyed - are unable to return. If in doubt, drop us a line with how you died at the address above, and we’ll talk.
  • They will return without blessings or effects and with any renown reset to zero.
  • There’s no change to the "One character at a time" rule. You can’t put away your existing character for a time to play the dead one, then come back. Of course, if the existing one dies, you can bring back a older, deader, one. It’s like the opposite of reincarnation.
  • You can create new characters who have come out of the underworld, subject to existing rules: Nobody who was at the battle of Babylon, or part of Alexander’s army. You also cannot be anyone who died during the dissolution of a city such as Damascus.
  • Any other questions about this, please contact

The Living Dead (Characters who got a black-X at Mirror of the Sea)

  • If you wish to have funeral rites during the year between annuals and be laid to rest forever, email You can then start a new character to play next year.
  • Otherwise, Your character may return for your next event, still living dead, still with a black cross on the forehead
  • There will be a briefing for you at GOD.

The Narrative Discussion

We’ll give you some briefing of what you will have seen where you were, with optional levels of horror depending on your play style. It’s entirely up to you why you decided to walk through the open walls, but importantly, it’s entirely up to you - and your character - whether you did so at all.

A character’s arc is a careful thing to judge, from the top of their power to their fall and death, not only as you have played it, but as part of the world you lived in. Sometimes, this fits perfectly, as an epic death that underscores everything you ever wanted; or a trivial death that left so much undone. Sometimes death is awesome, sometimes it sucks. Larp’s like that. Sometimes characters live on beyond their arc, without a story to drive them or any real goals. Sometimes, in other words, it’s better to quit while you’re ahead.

Or behind, even. If your character’s main bit of "unfinished business" is one final act of vengeance against all who did them wrong, we would advise you to consider a more positive spin to come back in, or to leave them - both your character and the survivor - alone. Sudden acts of murder for long dead grievances don’t generally resolve in a fun way for anyone.

The ability to return from the dead in Odyssey is not… exactly unprecedented. It’s a game where being killed isn’t necessarily fatal, and that’s hard to balance narratively (And we’ve often shifted too far in either direction), so before returning your loved characters to the field, I’d advise caution; especially if your ending was a good close, rerolls can go down as well as up; and it’s extremely unlikely the gods of the Underworld will let escapees back again lightly.

Having said that, I look forward to seeing the return of so many characters thought never to return. Thought, and in many, many cases… hoped…

-- Aquarion