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If you were to pick two things Minos doesn’t like, they would probably be “The fate of Atland and how it contributes to his still having to get up in the morning” and the word Clarification. However, there are a few bits of admin & rules explanation that have popped up over the last couple of games that I’d like to get absolutely straight before we head into the next one. So:

The Regeneration Game

There’s been a fair amount of confusion over the various methods to regenerate hit points while you’re fighting in the arena. We’ll be editing some briefing sheets to make this clear, and remove bits that seem to contradict each other, but as a general clarification: You cannot regenerate while fighting in the arena. Some abilities may allow you to regenerate to a limited extent by removing yourself from active combat in the arena, but while actively fighting, your hit points will only ever go one way, at a maximum decreasing rate of one per second per assailant.

The lesser mysteries that allow you to consume quint to regain hit points require you to role-play consuming the quint, which involves taking yourself out of the fight in progress, doing the role-play, and then returning to the fight. Taking the extra hit points and consuming the quint later, or consuming the quint and then taking the effect later, are not acceptable.

Unless specifically mentioned in the effects of a potion, blessing or mystery, you cannot regenerate above your normal maximum hit count.

If you are in any doubt as to whether your briefing sheet overrules or contradicts these guidelines, please seek clarification from a ref before using the ability.

Two Tribes Go To War

No doubt you’ve seen the letter from Orestes.

The Annual exists, IC, to stop nations going to war directly, and to stop their Gods from striding on the field, swinging their axes and felling mortals with abandon. The Fates, their servants the Minoans, and their OOC representations primarily want to avoid massive fights happening outside the place they’re supposed to: The Arena. When the fight over the snake’d stick started to tornado up and suck in anyone not already in the arena - Ramses literally vaulting furniture to barrel in was a dramatic trigger moment - we stepped in, equally OOC because we’d had one man-down incident about this already;

The safety and security of the annual is more important OOC than IC. This is a system that has theft, that has supported - and will support - midnight raids and sneaky… let’s call them solutions to problems that are hard to solve in the daylight.

Navigating the Map Room

More clarifications:

  • The Map Room counts as "Atlantis" as far as rules on regeneration and combat are concerned.
  • You cannot go in the map room unless you are a priest, an attendant accompanied by a priest, or able to use a skill to Enter Map Room (Usually Open Gate of Horn) by another means.
  • You must go through the map room in order to enter the presence of a deity figure in their own halls.
  • When exiting the halls of the gods, you return back though the map room
  • There exist exceptions to all these circumstances, if in doubt, check with a referee.

A table, because it's come to this:

Can I carry an incapacitated character though that gate?

Gate Destination Can Carry Incapacitated Characters Though
Horn Your Homeland No
Horn To/From the Map Room Yes
Horn To/From Presence Of Gods At the God's Option, defaults to "No"
Ivory Funerals No
Ivory To/From Quests No
Corrupted Wherever it takes you No

Note: This does not override whether you can go though the gate at all. You cannot knock out a warleader to carry them into quests or the map room. You cannot carry an incapacitated Philosopher into the Map Room either, unless they have a special ability to do so. You *can* carry anyone incapacitated who can get in to the Map Room *out again* so they can be treated.

It Does What It Says on the Tin

The artefacts of the Great Game are complex and shifting, and what they did yesterday provides only a brief marker as to what they might do tomorrow. You can obtain a briefing sheet for any artefact in your possession by talking to a ref. You cannot use an artefact you don't have the briefing for. If the sheet does not say an artefact does a thing, it doesn't do it. If you are in doubt, ask a ref.

Finding a Referee

If you can't find a ref on the field - our numbers are small, and our bright white camouflage is highly effective - you can always find a person with a radio at the bar, the arena or in GOD.

That's a lot of clarification for one post. Sorry about that, they've been building up for a bit. See you in a few days time for Odyssey XI: The Mirror of the Sea.

-- Aquarion More Blog Posts