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The Republic of Rome

The Emblem of the Roman Republic

Rome is a young, brash state, full of the joy of burgeoning civilization, determined to make its mark on the brave new world.

A vital, urban nation, full of engineers, scientists, innovators and strategists, Rome is a place where any young man or woman with sufficient brains and guts can rise to high office. It is a military power whose armed might is the equal of any of the barbarian nations who might challenge its dominance. And it is also a young and tender republic balancing on the knife-edge between oligarchy and democracy. Fresh from the womb of regicide and anxious to enforce its peculiar brand of civic government upon less politically mature nations, the Roman state knows that there is only one cure for the cancer of kingship: to cut it out. The Roman is, first and foremost, an urban being and a family being. Though she may spend years of her life far away on military service; though he may retire to the country early, to take the reward of a hard-working youth and grow olives in the hills - every Roman knows that the city is the heart of any true civilization and the seven-hilled city of Rome is the greatest of them all.

Supplementary Briefs

The Legions are Watchful - Photo by Charlotte Moss

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