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Should I hand in my coins and quintessence at the end of an event?

No. You should keep these items between events.

Can I forge coins and items?

No. You must not attempt to forge any PD physrep..

Can I bring a horse (or other animal) to Atlantis?

No. Creatures passing through a Gate Of Horn must be conscious and willing. While this is an IC justification, the decision is for OOC reasons of safety. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the safety of the animal, or those players nearby, and so this is not permitted.

Can I bring a Trojan Horse to Atlantis?

Yes. We are keen for players to immerse themselves in the Odyssey campaign, and the better the props and camps look, the easier this will be.

Can I bring my own IC tents?

Absolutely but there are some rules you must follow:

  • You may only pitch IC tents in the IC area at events
  • Your IC tent must look appropriately IC both outside and inside

The IC area is the area of the field set aside for roleplaying. The entire area is intended to be treated IC, so you may only pitch tents here if they are suitable to be used as IC tents. A tent can be considered to be IC if it looks appropriately IC after you have finished decorating it, both from the inside and from the outside.

The best in-character tents are usually purpose made period reproductions. Green canvas army tents and fabric gazebos are acceptable if suitably dressed, but modern nylon dome tents and unmodified party tents are not. Party tents are exemplified by the rectangular frame tents with obviously plastic sides. Modern tents are acceptable provided that they are well dressed inside and out and there is no obviously plastic materials, such as plastic windows or polyethylene roof sections, walls or corners.

By putting your tent in the IC area, you are accepting that during time-in players might enter it without permission and go through your IC possessions. You may however wish to screen off and mark a section of an IC tent for OOC use.

If you create any form of fencing, or put up any other type of construction then you must consider any health and safety implications for other players. A construction of this type is simply what it is - not a phys-rep for anything else. For example, a fence of posts is, IC, simply a fence of posts, and not a wall.

What about if I have a banner or other unique phys-rep stolen?

If you have an unusual IC item stolen from you, then you must not reuse the phys-rep at that event unless you are able to recover it IC. You may reuse the phys-rep at a following event. You must not use that phys-rep in play at that event, as you could not realistically produce another banner. You must retrieve the banner IC or wait until the following event to IC produce it again.

Can I store IC items in my car?

You may store items in your car or in a tent in the OOC camping area. This represents you storing your valuable items off Atlantis. If you wish to bring such an item into play (or take an item out of play) then you must leave the IC area to fetch the item, and roleplay bringing the phys-rep item on site. It is not possible to steal, trade, or interact with items stored off site.

Can I lock a chest in the IC area?

You can place OOC belongings in a locked box but you must not secure IC items behind a lock. A more game-appropriate mechanism is a complex knot.

What happens if I think someone is cheating?

Profound Decisions make all reasonable effort to ensure that players are not cheating at events. If referees find players cheating then they deal with the issue as appropriate.

Please note that many characters will have methods to defend themselves or to resist attacks that you are unaware of. Characters may have special items or abilities that over-ride the skills listed in the rulebook.

Please do not make public accusations of cheating, as it is likely that the player in question is acting legitimately. Complaints aired in public ruin the atmosphere of the game and only exacerbate the problems caused by cheating. If you think that another player is cheating then please report the matter to one of the referees as soon as possible and leave it for Profound Decisions to deal with.

What happens if I lose something at an event?

If you find any item of lost property at the event then you must hand it in at GOD. Any items handed into GOD as lost property will be kept for two full events. Any items that the owner does not claim will be disposed of by recycling.

Can I disguise myself?

It is perfectly acceptable for you to wear a disguise whilst IC. Your ability to change your character’s appearance is only ever as effective as the phys-rep that you use; so if someone recognizes you then they may choose to recognize your character, regardless of the method used to change your appearance.

If you believe you recognize a character who appears to be in disguise then you may check OOC by asking the player. You can ask if they are playing a character whose name you know or have met recently but you cannot simply ask if they are in disguise. You may ask a referee to check a character’s identity to avoid asking them directly. If another player asks you if you are playing a specific character in disguise then you must answer truthfully.

Can I sell kebabs for IC money?


How do I communicate OOC?

If you need to say something OOC to another player while roleplaying, then say “OOC” first. This will help the other player realize that your comment is not an IC comment. If you need your character to do something that you do not want to act out or cannot act out then you say clearly “OOC” first. You can then give a short explanation of what you are doing that will allow everyone to roleplay with what your character has done, even though you have not carried out the actual action.

How do I mark items OOC?

Please use your common sense. You might choose to use a plastic box with a printed label, a padlocked box (remembering that IC locks are not part of the Odyssey setting) or a bag secured with a cable tie. Can I use an online mailing list or forum to talk to allow my character to talk to other characters between events?

Yes. We ask you to use common sense when interacting with other players between events. You may choose to have your character travel across the civilized world and interact with others but any actions will not be sanctioned by Profound Decisions.

Can I disguise myself as a Drowned Dead?

No. It is not permissible to imitate them through make-up or disguise.