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Game Operation

This section covers miscellaneous rules of how to play the game and gives information on the game organization.

If you have any questions at the event then please come to the Game Operation Desk (GOD), which will be clearly indicated on the event map. Here you will find staff able to help you. Outside of events, the best way to get help is to email Profound Decisions.

Game Operation Desk (GOD)

  • If you have any query then you may go to GOD
  • You can also approach one of the Drowned Dead

If you require any help or assistance then please come to GOD where we will do our best to help you.


  • Our crew are split into teams
  • Only referees are able to answer rules queries
  • Most crew wear official Profound Decisions coloured caps

If you need a member of crew for any reason, the best place to go to find one is the Games Operation Desk.

Referees - yellow caps

Responsible for: rules and rules queries, certain skills require the presence of a referee.

GOD team - blue caps

Responsible for: administration, event packs, creating a new character, briefing sheets.

Weapon check - grey caps

Responsible for: weapon checking

Story team - black caps

Responsible for: character roles, managing the Odyssey campaign, campaign related queries.

Site team - red caps

Responsible for: site management, such as car parking, erecting tents and site layout.

First aid - green caps

Responsible for: medical assistance. Either go to the first aid tent or find the nearest member of crew equipped with a radio.

Photographers - purple caps

Responsible for: publicity images. If you do not want your image used then please tell the GOD team.

Drowned Dead

  • Drowned Dead are referees

Atlantis attracts the bodies of those who drown in the Mediterranean Sea. These dead are animated in service of the Annual.

In character, they perform simple functions such as marshalling those who fight in the arena and carrying summons from the gods to priests. Out of character, they are referees. They are able to witness mysteries and supervise the use of Gates of Horn and Ivory. If you have a problem on the field then you may ask a Drowned Dead who will try to help you.

Drowned Dead are incapable of IC speech or communication and any speech should be assumed to be OOC information. They will normally have a radio to contact other staff.

Volunteer ‘monsters’

We use a dedicated team to cover our core crew requirements but will be offering some opportunities for volunteer monsters for quests. Please enquire at GOD for more information.


Profound Decisions is a professional live roleplaying company dedicated to producing high quality events. However, the majority of crew that you encounter are volunteers who are there to enjoy the event and not to deal with problems or complaints. Please remember that this is their hobby too. We require our players to be civil towards all members of the volunteer crew at all times.

If you do have any problems or concerns then please go to GOD and ask to speak to a member of the Profound Decisions management team. The management team are employees of Profound Decisions whose job it is to deal with any problems that you have. If an issue is serious or distressing then we would urge you to bring it to our attention as early as possible. We will try to promptly resolve any problems that arise.


  • The IC area is 24 hour time-in

The game areas remain in-character at all times until the end of the event. You are always assumed to be in-character when in costume and in the IC area. This means that if you are wearing costume in an IC area during time-in then people will interact with you as if you were your character.

Characters travel to the Annual using the Gates of Horn that are located in each camp. If you wish to go OOC then you should pass through one of these gates. You should not otherwise go OOC in the IC camp unless it is an emergency.

There will be no official plot or scheduled arena activity between the hours of 01:00 and 10:00 but you are welcome to remain in-character and roleplay. During these hours there will be extremely limited referee availability so please consider this when planning IC activity.

GOD and all toilet and shower facilities are always OOC. Everywhere else inside the IC boundary is considered IC, except items marked as OOC with yellow material. You must not roleplay once you leave the IC site boundaries, as it is not possible for other characters to act against you once you leave the IC area.

Currency and Artefacts

Legacy of Alexander

  • There is one common currency
  • There is one common language

One legacy of Alexander is the dominance of a single currency in the civilized world.

The most common way for characters to gain coin is tribute gained for controlling territory in the Great Game. A typical territory will provide a warleader with either 10 or 50 drachmae. One drachma is the typical expected pay for a champion for an Annual.

The various denominations are: 5 chalkoi = 1 obolus 4 oboloi = 1 Drachma 5 drachmae = 1 pentadrachma 4 pentadrachmae = 1 mina 5 mina = 1 talent

Talents are bars of silver and the other denominations are coins.

There is one common language in the civilized world. Some regional languages, such as Greek and Latin, remain in use but only by scholars.


  • Profound Decisions provide the phys-reps for all unusual game items
  • Permanent magic artefacts are rare in the Odyssey world
  • Such items are individual and named
  • Profound Decisions will keep artefact phys-reps between events

Profound Decisions provide the phys-reps for all unusual game items including coins, quintessence and all artefacts. These cannot be copied or replicated. Profound Decisions phys-repped items, other than coins and quintessence, will be clearly marked with the logo.

There are few permanently enchanted magic items known to exist in the Odyssey world. Philosophers can create preparations to temporarily enchant items but this magic normally fades quickly. The gods have been known to share some with their trusted servants and, very occasionally, a quest can discover one.

Artefacts, particularly weapons, are commonly known by names. For example, the Aegis of Athena is an indestructible shield and the Dagger of Tanit is a small blade that can cut down the mightiest warrior with a scratch.

If you obtain an artefact you must hand it in at the end of the event. Many artefacts only have powers for one quest or arena combat per Annual. These artefacts may be handed in to Profound Decisions immediately after they have been used. You should keep coin and quintessence between events.

Stealing Items

  • You should keep any Profound Decisions phys-repped items that you steal
  • You must return other IC phys-reps to GOD within thirty minutes

You may steal any obviously IC item such as money, a map, IC scroll or document or any item that is phys-repped by Profound Decisions. If you steal IC money or an item phys-repped by Profound Decisions from another character then you should keep it; but if you steal any other item then it is important to make sure that the player gets their phys-rep back.

We recommend that you bring stolen items that are not Profound Decisions phys-reps to GOD rather than returning them directly so that the victim does not know who has stolen their item OOC. Prompt return of stolen items will ensure that you are not embarrassed by a referee coming to find you and the stolen item.

Searching a character

  • You must not touch a player unless they are comfortable for you to do so
  • You must roleplay searching for thirty seconds
  • You may perform an actual search only if both of you prefer to do so

You can search an unresisting character with thirty seconds of appropriate roleplaying. They must then hand over any IC items they are carrying. If you both agree then you may instead perform a real search. Unless this is the case, there should not be any physical contact.

Roleplaying and Death

Roleplaying Effects

  • You may experience magical effects that influence your roleplaying
  • You decide how any magic affects the way you play your character

You may be the target of a power or ability that refers to “roleplaying effects”. This is an influence on your character’s personality and mood.

Although we encourage all players to roleplay these effects to the full in order to enhance the game for everyone, it is up to you how you interpret and roleplay the effects. These effects may be emotions or urges that you are experiencing, but you are free to choose how your character responds to these feelings taking into account what you are comfortable roleplaying.

Character death

  • You can create a new character at GOD
  • You are welcome to create a new character in your existing group

A character may die in battle or on a quest, or be murdered by enemies more quietly. Alternatively, you might decide that a character is no longer fun or interesting to play and choose to retire them.

If your character dies or retires during an event then you should go to GOD where you can create a new character. There is no penalty for retiring your character or dying during an event.

You are welcome to create a new character that is a member of the same group as your previous character. Most players enjoy roleplaying in a group with their friends and this also makes it easier to invest in good quality costume and props. Whatever you do, we encourage you to make your new character’s personality as different as possible to your previous character. This will help avoid confusion between the two.