Player Background Requests for Event 13

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Blog Posts Ahead of the Final Annual

We have had a number of submissions from players asking for support with personal plotlines closing off at the final Annual or requesting an epic exit/setup for closure for their character. A number of these requests revolve around interactions with mythical and historical characters, or things that bend/break the rules of the game for the sake of a good end for a character arc. Some of them are very cool. Some of them are things we wish we'd written.

We are, regretfully, going to have to turn down all such requests for help from the team in this regard. I am really, really sorry about this, but it's not something we can do.

As noted on the FAQ, it has always been the case at Odyssey that, while the story team work with, and try to accommodate, group backgrounds, they can't do it down to player level, and they certainly can't do so at four weeks to final event. Supporting the personal backgrounds of some characters and not others is inherently unfair, alas, and the team is struggling to manage at group level with the resources and time available. To action even the handful of requests we have received would unfortunately draw people away from the mountain of work we still have to do on the game itself, and worse, would disadvantage the players who didn't submit background requests.

In an ideal world, Odyssey would integrate everyone's' intricate and detailed backgrounds into one tapestry. Unfortunately the best we can do is to manage it at group level, which inevitably means disappointment for some. This has been the case since the first event and unfortunately, it will be the case all the way to the end.

Where you want a written account of a legend or a prop document or something of that nature included in another player's pack, we can probably manage that if you prepare the document and send it in to odyssey@ address inside the next two weeks (no exceptions) but we cannot guarantee it.

That is, however, the best we can do - requests for legendary items, recognition of character background, anything to do with stats, the map, territories et cetera must be resolved within the established rules of the game, at the event itself, using your best IC war face. We wish you all the best of luck on your personal odysseys.