Mysteries and Healing FAQ

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What happens if I cut up some skin of Prometheus or damage some other greater mystery focus?

A focus for a greater mystery must be preserved intact. If the focus is damaged or destroyed then it will no longer function. This refers to deliberate damage not to normal wear and tear.

Foci are magical and therefore may be difficult to vandalise. If you wish to actively attempt to ruin a focus then contact a referee.

What happens to the container I was given with my preparation in?

IC it crumbles to dust when the preparation is used. Please return the container to a referee so we may reuse them.

Can another physician attempt to treat me if one has already attempted it and told me I’m going to die?

No. You may only be treated once each time you are incapacitated.

How long is “a few minutes to die” if a black bead has been pulled?

This is designed to be a short period that is enough for you to have an epic dying scene surrounded by your allies. Do make the time count but do not take the piss. You still count as incapacitated for this period so cannot move or fight.