How Do I "Win"?

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Blog Posts Ahead of the Final Annual

Now that is a complicated question. Victory is hard enough to define in larp, and victory at the end of an epic like Odyssey is even harder. The short version is: there are many victories possible, but the one that counts is having a story to tell.

The clearest way to "win" the Thirteenth Annual is to have your vision define the rules of the next Age will aspire to. The winning Vision names the Next Age, and the culture of the Middle Sea will largely be that of the primary nation(s) sponsoring the winning culture.

The borders of the nations of the middle sea are, largely, set as of the end of the Twelfth Annual - one last set of adjustments will be made for a final map after the game. At the moment, the lead in size of magisteria looks like a flat footrace between Rome, Egypt and Persia with the latter holding the edge. However, there will be ways and means on the field to change that, even if the battle for cities now focuses on the support they give to the various Visions rather than their contribution to the size of your nation.

For some, "winning" the Thirteenth Annual will be by secretly (or not so secretly) managing to throw a spanner in the works of the victorious vision, perhaps crow-barring something into it by stealth that will have unexpected consequences. Some characters always work best in the dark.

For some, the game has always been about glorious combat, and fame in the Arena. Let us see how they choose to play at the Thirteenth Annual and who, at the climax of the Great Game, are the most renowned warbands of the middle sea. The usual methods of gaining Renown continue to operate as they always have. However, we have added a series of battle judged by the Ludus Magnus as independent adjudicators. For them, victory will not be the sole criterion by which greatness is judged. Your fighting will need to be glorious too. Warbands who have long histories are the focus here, but any warband could be judged highest in the battles of this Annual.

For others, securing a way for their culture and philosophy to escape from the Middle Sea - and therefore from the dominant Vision for the new age , even if that means leaving never to return - is a victory against all the odds.

For Philosophers, placing a thumb on the scales of fate at the right time is, as it has always been, is the route to victory. What that thumb might be depends on the philosopher. To serve their nation, or their vision, or their own philosophy is a question for each and every philosopher.

For Priests, adherence to the will of their gods here at the last and assuring there is a place for them in the new world order might look like victory. Or you might wish to help shape your pantheon for the new Age, help a patron deity escape to safety should they need to, or cause the downfall of their nemesis. (And in case we are judged partial, note the small N on the word nemesis there...)

For Champions and Warleaders - victory is to have the stands shouting your name or that of your warband long after time out.

For us, victory in the Great Game is ensuring that you have stories to tell for years to come. Those stories are the truest currency of immortality and the legacy of Odyssey.