Hellas Phoenicia

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The Platonic Republic of Hellas Phoenicia

The Emblem of Hellas Phoenicia

New Atlantis and the Age of Man

We are nation forged in blood and fire, that will be of example to all nations. A Platonic Republic, where Gods and mortals alike walk together in light and knowledge. - Lyria of Corinth

Hellas Phoenicia is a nation born of desperate times; a nation forged to save both itself and ancient Greece from which it partly sprang. Its creation demonstrates that there is a careful balance between the gods and men; upsetting it, even for the noblest of reasons, can cause untold harm.

Myths and legends around the reasons for, and the method by which the new nation was born are already multiplying; those involved in the events of the Fifth Annual know the truth and that is their story to tell. What is known for sure is that some kind of metaphysical catastrophe was befalling Greece, and both to save it, and to prevent war among the gods, three of the Greek gods chose to break a part of Greece away, making what was left small enough to be saved by the remaining Greeks. But to do it, they and those who followed them had to become something new, something different and something no longer Greek. And they had to seek the active assistance of the people to do this; the days of the gods demanding action are over. This is the age of Man, and everything about this nation, its cities and its nature has been decided upon by the philosophers who forged it, the priests who guided it and the warriors who fought for it.

Supplementary Briefs

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