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The Free Kingdoms of Greece

The Emblem of the Free Greeks

The great empire of Alexander of Macedon has fallen into ruins and the cities, states and wildernesses that make up the land of Greece have risen from its ashes as a horde of bright and ambitious young nations, burning to make their mark on the world. The brittle glory of the Grecian states is no longer that of an empire, and never again will be; each of the city-states is too proud of its newfound autonomy, too terrified of another Alexandrian catastrophe, to allow such unity. Nevertheless, these fractious states have their own particular brand of national camaraderie; these are the heirs of Achilles, Theseus and Odysseus, the children of gods in the world of men – the last bastions of true civilization among the sprawling, tyrant-plagued barbarian hordes.

The Greek is the epitome of a civilized being, and a hundred things in her turn; she is a lover, a warrior, a poet, a philosopher, an athlete and a child of the gods. True art, true culture was born in the hilly country of these islands and peninsulas, gifted from the greatest gods ever to have existed, and the heroes of Greece are the guardians and exemplars of that culture.

Egypt may be older, but it is only in Greece that ancient philosophy rubs shoulders with the newest art and literature. Brash, upstart Rome may be more ruthless, but it is well known that a tiny band of Greek heroes, blessed by the gods and strengthened by bonds of love and kinship, can hold off any number of armies of identical marching drones indefinitely. The brawling ruffians of Carthage may have a reputation as sailors, but the navies of Athens and Crete field ships more elegant by far than their ugly hulks. As for vicious, savage Persia, who doomed Alexander and murdered the Three Hundred at Thermopylae – the less said about that inbred pack of degenerate perverts, the better.

Supplementary Briefs

There is further information on each of these path choices available. This information is aimed only for those who are playing characters and wider knowledge could spoil your enjoyment of the game.

Greece arrayed for battle - Photo by Charlotte Moss