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photograph by Mary March

The Thirteenth and final Annual of the Age of Steel will be held under the sign of Taurus, the Bull, as was the first.

Everything is ending.

Alexander of Macedon is returned - not the mad figure brought down at Babylon but a figure tempered and changed, gentler if no less driven. He declares a Republic of Humanity and holds out an image of a world without gods; one where humanity carves out its own destiny.

Egypt's priesthood outline a world of hierarchy where those above are tied to fate and those below are free to choose their destinies; where power comes with responsibility and is tempered by the good of all.

Persia defines a world where the Titans have no place; where the gods rule and mortals and monsters both are free to live and love.

Carthage cleaves to a world of conflict where mortals serve the gods, but the Titans are beyond reach.

Rome defines a world where any being may ascend to the limit of their talent, insofar as they serve the goals of the nation.

These are the choices from which the next Age of the world will be chosen.

But there are those who seek for themselves escape from the fate of the Middle Sea, or to bring the world of mortals down in a chaos of destruction. Gods who do not care for what has happened to their nations ready their schemes to preserve their cultures inviolate and separate at all costs; philosophers explore dangerous and powerful options of opening ways to new lands altogether; and growing across the Middle Sea in the turmoil of a world coming apart is the Cult of Eschaton.

Their vision is in defiance of the Fates themselves; that there will be no more Ages, that there will be no more rules, that mortal civilisation will be brought to an end in ruin and destruction as once it was before, but this time, the rebuilding will be without any external forces at all.

It is the End of the Age. This is your final chance to make your mark; to earn your immortality; to become a legend of future times. Do not waste a moment; seize your destiny.

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The Republic of Rome ' The Kingdom of Egypt
Behold the discipline and power of the Republic of ROME
Hear the words of Pharaoh and know of EGYPT
The Dominion of Carthage The Persian Empire The Platonic Republic of Humanity
Read herein of the Dominion of CARTHAGE
Witness the greatness of the Thousand Nations of PERSIA
Alexander is Reborn in the PLATONIC REPUBLIC of HUMANITY
The Free Greek City-States The Zodiac Council Hellas Phoenicia
See the deeds of the heroes of GREECE
Hear the Wisdom of the ZODIAC
Marvel at the birth of HELLAS PHOENICIA

The Thirteenth and final Annual of the Age of Steel will be held under the Sign of Taurus, the Bull, as was the First. It will be known as THE GREAT WHEEL OF THE FATES.

image by LucreziaMortisha