Farewell Party for the Middle Sea

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Blog Posts Ahead of the Final Annual

The Sunday night of the Final Annual will be a last, OOC farewell to the Middle Sea, an out-of-character party for anyone who can stay the Sunday night, to mingle with the crew and tell your stories, ask questions and toast the ships of Odysseus come home at long last.

Staying over will not cost anything extra, but we do request your help with event takedown - there are many ways to help, from doing rubbish patrols and ferrying rubbish bags to the skip, to helping the Redcap team with tent and arena takedown, to assisting in GOD with the takedown of the Story tent and storing the kit and costumes.

There will be an announcement int he Arena at 3:15 telling people who to look for and where to go to help. The party only starts when the redcaps (the truest and most unsung heroes of the Middle Sea) are free to join us, so the sooner everything is down and safe, the sooner we can begin.

A normal takedown requires 3-5 hours; with extra hands it will be much less than that. Should the weather be inclement we'll leave sufficient canvas up to shelter everyone. If you can prep your camps as much as possible for a brisk getaway the following morning, that would be a great help too.

We should still have access to the bar, but we may not have a food vendor onsite for Sunday evening - bear this in mind.

We'll also be auctioning off portable props PD have purchased for Odyssey that won't find a place in Empire. That'll include the worldforge markers, and some unique items potentially including some of our stock of masks. Cash on the nail, please. If you could bring your coin and quint back, that'd be very helpful. Quint we will auction, coin we will donate to a club lrp system.

It is possible that some of us (I'm looking at you, Ian and Harry) may become a touch tired and emotional so we would ask your indulgence in that regard.

We look forward to seeing everyone and toasting the end of a project ten years in the making.

The Odyssey is over. The stories are yours now.