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This is a placeholder page for content that PD are actively working on.


The following event information is applicable for all our events in 2016. Please feel free to point people to this page if they are looking for information on details for times, dates and other recurring event details.


The gate crew at all PD events have a list of every player who is booked for the event on it. They will check your name off as you arrive. If you are not sure if you are booked for the event, then you can check your booking status by logging in to your PD account or by emailing the head office.

Please make sure that you have entered your car registration number on your PD account if you are travelling by car.

If you have claimed the concessionary ticket price, please make sure that you email a copy of your proof of eligibility to the head office or bring a copy with you to the event.

Arrival Times

Players are allowed on site from 11am on the Thursday of the event. There is an additional charge of £5 to arrive one day early, this is paid on the gate.

The gate will close at 10pm and will open again at 10am on Friday morning. If you are arriving after this time, there will be a number on the gate that you can call and security will open the gate to allow you in.

Time in

Odyssey begins at 6pm on Friday and ends at 3pm on Sunday. The main field of Odyssey is always Time In.

All players must be off site by Sunday evening.


We will open GOD for event registration as early as possible on Friday. We will put up a sign outside GOD as soon as it is open. Once you have pitched your tent then come to GOD to collect any event pack you may be due.

The PIDs of players for whom we have player packs (Priests with recurring blessings, Players expecting visions) will be displayed on a board outside GOD. We will also have items for:

  • Warleaders controlling territory
  • Champions

Weapons Check

Bring your weapons to the weapon check point at the tavern to get them checked by a Profound Decisions weapons checker before use. Any weapon that fails a safety check must be returned to your car or left with GOD until the end of the event.


For appropriate use only, our on-site mobile number is 07817 133793. This will be manned by Profound Decisions event team on the run up to the event, and held by our security team throughout the event. If you need to get hold of Profound Decisions to report an emergency then you can call this number.


Any enquiries that you have about your character, the game or the event can be dealt with at GOD. This is located in the OOC camping field, near the entrance to the IC area.

First Aid

The First Aid tent is immediately in front of GOD. Qualified first aid staff are available at all times here or via GOD. Please report any medical problems to First Aid or to any member of staff with a radio.


There are two toilet blocks, one in each OOC camping field. There are two additional toilet blocks in the the market place. The location of the toilet blocks will be marked on the site map for each event.


Please note that the adjoining woods are not part of the IC site. The woods will be in use throughout the event for quests and plot. You should not enter the woods unless you are instructed to do so by a referee.

Food and Drink

Drinks and snacks are available from our fully IC bar. The bar will be serving drinks on Thursday evening, but is OOC until time in on Friday. There are caterers at this event providing food for real money.

Skian Mhor

Skian Mhor will be serving from the kitchen next to their trade stall in the market place.

Site Map

Rough guideline for how we're expecting to lay the site out for Odyssey 13.

Notes: The toilets on this map are not in the right positions, and it's all subject to change depending on how the site is, how everything else is, and whatever Team Redcap want.

Odyssey XIII Site Map.jpg