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Ancient Khem - The Pharaonic Kingdom of Egypt

The Udjat Eye

In the southern lands, under the relentless African sun, sits the majestic land of Egypt.

Stretching from the bustling port of Rhacotis-that-was-Alexandria in the north to Aswan, the last post of civilization before the trackless nothingness of the Nubian Desert, Egypt is the divine, regal and rightful centre of the Mediterranean world.

The upstart Romans have been on the world stage for an inkling of an eye; the Greeks for barely longer than that. Even Carthage and her predecessors in Phoenicia are young compared to Egypt. The lineage of the pharaohs matches with that of the ancient predecessors of the Persians, the once great empires of Sumeria and Babylonia, stretching back through the mists of time to when the gods walked the earth. Ruled over by the holy Pharaoh Ptolemy Soter, sacred vessel of the falcon-headed god Horus, Egypt is truly a glory to behold; from the epic white walls of Memphis to the formidable halls of Osiris and Isis in Abydos, its blessings are manifold and apparent. This is a land of ancient mysteries, of sorcery and strange magics, of rich black soil on the banks of Mother Nile and of sinister desert spirits beyond. And rising like man-made mountains to the sun, the great monuments of Egypt, engineering marvels and testaments to the skill and wit of the ancients. In the sands of the Gizeh Plateau, the Great Pyramids rise tall and full of ancient magic, tombs of the ancient pharaohs and markers for ancient rites.

In the shadow of the three great pyramids stands a massive statue of a crouching lion, so old that even the most ancient of the scribes of Egypt can find no mention in the records of a time when it was not there. Pharaoh-who-is-Horus commanded that the head of the lion be recarved into a likeness of him; even now his face gazes down benignly at all of those who come to worship at the great Osireion Temple in its shadow.

Supplementary Briefs

A Champion of Sobek - Photo by Charlotte Moss

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