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Blog Posts Ahead of the Final Annual

On Death Curses and Arena Curses

The rules regarding the use of powerful curses have been subject to varying interpretation over the course of the Annuals as circumstances have varied. In some cases appeals have been made for redress; in others the gods of the two pantheoi involved have taken it upon themselves to settle matters, as per the bloody conflict between Persia and Hellas Phoenicia a few annuals ago.

To those who question we remind you that the judgement of the Minoan Kings in this matter is final, and once King Minos has spoken on a matter it is closed.

With regard to the Thirteenth Annual, however, it is to be made very clear in advance that there is no formal prohibition on the use of any powerful Greater Mysteries on the Arena, the combatants and the battles thereof. Indeed, as the stakes rise, the expectation is that increasingly brutal Greater Mysteries will be used to influence the events within the arena.

It is the End of the Age and the philosophers of the Middle Sea have just as much chance and right to try and influence the outcome as anyone, through the tools they have always had.

The Fates, explicitly, allow such at the Thirteenth Annual where such curses increase the probability of death but do not guarantee it.

You should exercise caution however when utilising anything which directly causes a death, such as an execution or a curse which guarantees a death, within the Arena, as the rules on this are unchanged and the views of the Kings on such remain profoundly unsympathetic to the executor.