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I want to be a Spartan, can I?

Yes. You can pick anywhere within the campaign setting as the birthplace of your character or where they reside between Annuals. However, only the warleader who controls Sparta will receive the tribute of the city.

I have this really cool satyr costume can I play a satyr?

No. One focus of the Odyssey campaign is conflict between 5 human nations, and so you may only create a player character who is human. Profound Decisions’ other game, Maelstrom, features a range of non-human cultures, and you may feel there is a place for your costume there.

Can I play a child of one the gods?

There is no sanctioning in individual character backgrounds in Odyssey. You may claim in play to be a child of the gods but this will not be officially confirmed or denied.

Can my background include Zeus turning into a shower of gold and raping my mother?

No. There is no sanctioning of individual character backgrounds outside the game. Furthermore, while Odyssey does include adult themes, roleplay including non-consensual sex is not permitted. Consensual seduction would be appropriate. Bear in mind that such claims are only substantiated in play.

I want to be Archimedes (Or another historical or mythological figure), can I?

No. Historical and mythological characters of this nature are reserved for the use of the story team in creating and developing ongoing stories in the background.

Can I start play as an agent of Alexander working against the gods?

No. Alexander is dead.

Can I have been part of Alexander’s army?

No. The majority of Alexander’s army is dead: and those elements that are not dead are no longer human. Your character may have been played some part in Alexander’s campaign but cannot have fought on his side against the gods in the final battle.

Can my character be an atheist?

Such a stance would be illogical in the face of an endless abundance of evidence that the gods do exist. And, to paraphrase a famous author, the gods are just the sort to nip round atheists’ houses and smash their windows. You may prefer playing that character concept in a game where atheism is more logical.

It is important to note that the nations of Odyssey have a very different relationship with gods than modern churches. It is virtually impossible to deny the existence of the gods because of their presence and direct influence on the world. The Odyssey gods demand obedience rather than worship and only promise rewards and salvation to those who serve them well.

I’m coming on my own - is it worth it?

Yes. As in any large live gaming system, a group gives you a natural advantage. If nothing else, you have people to discuss your plans with.

However, the Odyssey campaign does offer specific opportunities to the solo player. A lone warleader is perfectly viable. They may start the game holding a city and from its tribute can hire a band of champions to defend it. If you are a lone champion, the arena always needs fresh blood, and the lowliest gladiator may rise in fame and riches, even if they cannot find a warleader to grant them patronage. Philosophers with apply quintessence skills may be in demand, if they can prove themselves trustworthy. And priests have their relationship with the deities of their culture that the gods expect to be held above group loyalties.

What happens if my character dies?

If your character dies you can create a new one at GOD. If your previous character had any coins or other IC resources then you may, if appropriate, pass them on to a member of your group. Please respect the spirit of the game and only do this if it makes sense.

There are no penalties for having a character die. Your next character has the same choices during character generation and suffers no penalties.