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What are the implications of putting my hand in the air to indicate that I do not wish any player to make physical contact with me?

Nobody can guarantee that you will not be hit while you have indicated that you are non-contact. A live roleplaying melee can be a confusing experience and mistakes can happen.

You may have health reasons to wish to avoid becoming involved in combat, or you may be in a situation where you are not comfortable with another player’s physical actions. If you have health reasons that make it critical that you are not hit with a latex weapon then you may need to avoid combat entirely and you must decide whether the event is safe for you to attend at all. Profound Decisions do not guarantee that you will not be hit. Do not enter the arena or go on a quest if you do not wish to be physically attacked.

You may put your hand in the air to indicate that you do not wish any player to make physical contact with you. If a fight starts near you then you must clearly put your hand as high in the air as you can and keep it there, to indicate that you are non-contact. You are still IC and may continue roleplaying and using any abilities that you have, but you must not engage in combat and you must scabbard or drop any weapon you are carrying.

If someone states they are incapacitating your character, then you immediately lose all your body hits and become incapacitated. If it is not safe for you to fall over then you are still incapacitated but you may remain standing with your hand in the air.

What do I do if there has been a "Man Down" call?

If you hear a "Man Down" call you should check that your combat or roleplaying is not likely to cause further injury to that party. This might mean stopping fighting if you are in small space. If a player calls "Man Down" then their character is assumed to be unresisting and non-combatant. Ultimately please use your common sense.

Is losing my glasses in a fight an appropriate time to use the "Man Down" call?

Yes. But please make sure those present realise why the call has been made and no-one summons first aid. Ultimately please use your common sense.

What happens if someone hits me more than once per second?

You can legitimately ignore blows that follow each other without drawing breath. This rule is not intended to be measured with a stopwatch, rather it is intended to give every player a reasonable basis for what is an acceptable repetition of attacks.

Can I move once I’ve been incapacitated?

Yes, but only for reasons of OOC safety. If your character has fallen over in a fight then you may crawl out of the way of the combat. You must make sure that anyone who has fallen over has room to move away.

If I am struckdown or incapacitated and the ground is wet or muddy, do I need to fall over?

No. If you do not wish to fall over, then you must drop everything and crouch down for five seconds. You may take up to two steps away from the opponent who has struck you. This is only to avoid having to fall over in unsafe or particularly wet areas; it does not allow a tactical retreat from combat.

Is a "killing blow" the only means of execution?

It may be possible to perform an execution by other methods, such as a hanging or strangulation, but please check in advance with a referee.

Can I "throat slit" in combat?

No. There is no such call in the Odyssey system. A throat cut may only be permitted as part of an execution with the approval of a referee.

Is right that cultural armour actually covers less body locations than non-cultural armour?

Yes. One aim of cultural armour is to encourage the easy identification of groups of champions — therefore we have tried to make it accessible. We strongly encourage you to wear more than the minimum if you can though this will not give any in-game benefit.

Can I stack multiple suits of armour?

No. You can only wear one type of armour at one time.

Can I wear armour under clothes?

Provided that your phys-rep for armour meets all the rules in the rulebook, then it is perfectly acceptable to conceal your armour by wearing it underneath clothing.

Can I count leather jackets and trousers as armour?

Normal clothing designs such as jackets or trousers, even if made from a robust material like leather, do not count as armour. Representative armour, such as fibreglass designed as metal, is allowed. All armour designs must be broadly historically or thematically appropriate so medieval plate is not allowed.

Why are culturally appropriate shields optional?

Profound Decisions are keen that Odyssey should be an immersive visual spectacle, but do not wish to impose overly expensive restrictions. To this end we are only lightly restricting the types of shield phys-reps that can be used in the game, and giving bonuses for the use of culturally appropriate shields.

I have a LRP weapon of the right length but the wrong period, may I use it?

Yes. However, the game will be enriched for all if players try and use culturally suitable weapons - or at least those which are generic and not instantly recogniseable as from a fantasy culture, or a historical period outside of Odyssey’s mythic setting.

My LRP bow is not period, is that OK?

Yes, although crossbows are not permitted.

Can I use an archery thumbring?


Does the system use collapsible-tip spears?

Yes. And only collapsible-tip spears. Spears not made to this standard are not permitted.

How do I know I won’t get stabbed by an unsafe spear?

It is made clear in the rules that only collapsible-tip spears are permitted. Using an unsafe weapon of any sort is against the rules, and weapons will be checked before every arena combat.

What happens if I am hit on a shield I am holding when my character does not have the "Use armour and shield" skill?

Shields held without the skill do not protect against blows and any blows struck on the shield are assumed to strike the character.

I don’t get when I take IMPALE call - explain it again, please?

If you block an IMPALE with your shield then the blow has no effect. You may parry a weapon that causes IMPALE unless it is a missile weapon. You may parry non-missile weapons that cause IMPALE as normal with a weapon or shield. Missile weapons that cause IMPALE may only be parried by shields.

Can I see and smell whilst affected by the PARALYSE call?