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Characters must come from one of the six nations of the civilized world and must choose one of the five paths that reflects their chosen role or career in society.


  • You must choose one of the five paths
  • You can change path between events

The five paths are warleader, champion, priest, philosopher and attendant.

Your path represents your chosen career. It dictates the skills you can choose and your access to different parts of the Great Game.

It is possible to change your path or skills between events without restriction.


  • You must choose one of the six nations
  • You cannot change nation

Choosing your nation is very important: it determines your allies and enemies at the event. It is not possible to change your nation after you have played your character.

Your nation is in more than your blood - it is in every part of your being. It is based on the land of your birth or where you have settled; on every mouthful of food you eat and wine you drink; on your friends and lovers. This is what defines your gods, your allies and your enemies.

Each nation has a distinctive background and customs. You will be able to access briefing sheets on the Odyssey website that contain additional information on your chosen nation. This is a broad overview that applies to the entire nation. Individuals from specific areas will show regional variation allowing you to make up minor details of background without contradicting the campaign themes.

Each nation has a pantheon of gods. Most individuals follow the whole pantheon but characters may choose to dedicate their actions to a single god.


Characters normally attend in groups. If you are creating your character with friends then we recommend that your characters begin play as allies of each other by being part of the same group. Each member of a group must come from the same nation.

A group with a warleader is called a warband. A warband can only have one warleader. A warleader may only lead members of their own warband into the arena. A champion or attendant may only enter the arena with their own warleader. It is not possible to change warband during an event.

Warband renown is a measure of standing with the gods. Initial renown is based on the number of prebooked players and it is subsequently affected by actions in the game. Victory in the arena is the best way to gain the favour of the gods.

If your group does not have a warleader and is not a warband then you may leave or join as you wish.

We welcome group backgrounds submitted to our story team using our website. The website will invite submissions using structured forms. These will be checked by our story team who may make suggestions to ensure a good fit with the Odyssey world. Individual character or emailed backgrounds will not be accepted. The kind of background that is useful to the story team is a short summary of the things your group has done and any allies, obligations or feuds you have.

Choosing a kit

  • A kit is a combination of a nation and a path
  • Once you choose your kit you are ready to play

The simplest way to create a character is to choose the kit for the nation and path you wish to play. Each nation has a kit for each path, which represents a well-known or famous archetype. This kit determines the skills your character has.

The following pages tell you more about the different nations and their kits. You may decide not to use a kit and instead pick skills. The majority of kits give a character significantly more skills than picking from the lists.

Changing skills and paths

  • You can change your path, kit and skills between events

Characters may change skills and paths between events. Ideally, this should be accompanied by appropriate roleplaying.

This means that, for example, a champion may change to be able to use different weapon skills or a philosopher can learn to apply different types of quintessence. A character may choose to put down their sword and armour and take up the life of a priest, or a champion may take up the mantle of a warleader and recruit their own followers. If you change path you must change your skills to use a kit or the list that is now appropriate.

There is no mechanism for experience points or mechanical character advancement. Instead, the focus is on social and political gain through action.