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Blog Posts Ahead of the Final Annual

Control of cities is important at the final Annual. As such, we will be including in each group pack a DEED OF CHARTER for each city they control. These Deeds are symbols of the control of cities and will be handed over to the Arena Minoans when cities are attacked or bid in the vision battles.
  • Don't lose them.
  • Should one get OOC mangled/wet/used as a beer sponge/etc, come to GOD with the sad remains and we will do you a replacement.
  • They are IC documents and are as such stealable. Be wary and see below.
  • Bring deeds to the Arena to demonstrate ownership.
  • They will be placed in a bag and selected at random at the end of a battle by the victors, or returned to their owners based on the battle outcome.
  • IC: Deeds cannot be taken through a gate. OOC , they must be kept in the IC area in an IC-accessible place at all times. They cannot be taken back to your baggage, they cannot be locked in your car, and they cannot be put in a box with an OOC lock.

On the Deeds of Charter for the Cities of the Middle Sea, and on the Enthusiasm of Many for Stealing Them

The Deeds of Charter are IC documents, and they are therefore stealable. However, they also represent influence and power for your vision, and as such theft and response to theft runs a real risk of spilling over into violence outside the arena, with so much at stake. As such, the gods sponsoring this part of the Great Game and the Minoans administering it will be operating the process of stealing deeds under a stringent set of rules. These rules have been put in place to discourage camp-rolling, violence outside the Arena and late-night combat. It is therefore incumbent on thieves to accept when they have been rumbled and avoid creating a fight situation just as much as it is on those seeking to stop them to exercise good judgement.

In all cases the judgement of the Minoans is final

Each of the pantheons has a deity whose role involves trickery, theft, stealing or cunning. These gods will be offering audience Friday evening during which they will be issuing specific instructions about both WHEN and WHO may engage in the fine art of theft of deeds. There will be two periods - one Friday, one Saturday - during which the theft of deeds will be allowed.

  • Persia: SIN (appearing by special dispensation of Marduk)
  • Rome: MERCURY, who is also overall sponsor of the challenge
  • Egypt: SUTEKH
  • Carthage: ATHTAR
  • Hellas Phoenicia: HERAKLES
  • The Republic of Humanity: As usual, complicated. Their priests are invited to attend the audiences of those gods they may access for instruction. For good measure, MERCURY will send a messenger to their encampment with instruction. He would invite them to not kill his messenger, no matter how bad the news.

If you intend to engage in theft of deeds as part of the Challenge of the Gods of Thieves, we suggest you familiarise yourself very carefully with the following rules.

  • No lives are to be taken during the thefts. If they are, sanction will fall on the murderer and their nation, even if this theft occurs in-vision or in-nation.
  • The Gods of Trickery and Cunning seek an example of stealth, skill and cleverness. Attempts to roll camps en masse, or any thefts of deeds accomplished through violence on Atlantis are likely to be declared null and void and may attract further negative consequences.
  • Deeds may only be stolen within the two time slots defined by the gods. These slots will be revealed in the Friday audiences.
    • Within that timeslot, the deed must be shown to a member of staff at GOD to be visibly marked STOLEN. Deeds not so marked will be returned to their original owners the following day.
    • The stolen deed(s) must then be handed off to a WARLEADER (any warleader the thief chooses - it may be their own but does not have to, and it may even be a warlerader of a different vision if they so choose) before the battles of the following session begin. If the thief is themselves a warleader they may keep custody of the deed.
  • At the start of the two Saturday sessions, King Rhadamanthus will call for any who wish to pay homage to the skill of thieves.
    • The WARLEADER must then at that point announce by open outcry in the Arena the names of any cities whose deeds have been stolen and that they now claims as their own. They must have the stolen deeds in hand and must show them during their announcement.
    • At that point, the ownership of the cities transfers to the new warleader.
  • Once this outcry has occurred (and ONLY once this outcry has occurred), any warleader who believes their deed has been lost or misplaced may ask at GOD for a replacement. Replacements will not be issued for stolen cities, only for those not declared on the arena floor.
    • This means that if you have successfully stolen a deed, but the warleader who possesses it does not announce that, the theft is null and void and the warleader whose deed was stolen may request a new one.
  • the warleader whose deed was stolen may demand satisfaction, which may be a one on one duel between warleaders or a three on three between the warleaders with two champions in support.
    • This is to be scheduled at the convenience of the Minoans in the arena.
    • This is purely for injured honour, the stolen city remains stolen and can be used by the warleader now owning the deed.