A Major Change: Warleaders at the Thirteenth Annual

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Blog Posts Ahead of the Final Annual

It is the end of times, and the world pauses for breath before a new Age. At this annual, arena battles are for the shape of the age, the fate of gods and the renown of bands, not to weigh the tribute a Warleader will receive in annuals to come. The light which shone on Warleaders throughout the Age of Steel no longer shines as bright. They have been the focus of the Annuals, and now they they stand as warriors, as their champions have all the Age long.
  • For the Thirteenth Annual, any existing Warleader character may (but not must), replace their existing skills with those of the basic Champion kit from their nation.
  • Any existing Warleader may join a quest as if they were a Champion.

Further, options (blessings, Greater Mysteries) may exist which will allow priest or philosopher characters to adopt Warleader status, along with the support of cities to define a new age.