Why Couldn't I Join The Zodiac Council Vision?

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Blog Posts Ahead of the Final Annual

One of the most consistent pieces of feedback we have received after the Twelfth Annual is dissatisfaction with the inability of warbands to join the Zodiac Council's vision when the mechanism for joining Alexander's was clear.

I have to tread carefully along the tightrope of player action here.

Firstly, there were at least two mechanisms in play - one relatively clear, one not so much - that I can think of off the top of my head that could have been used to bring warbands on board that vision. Neither of them was. One was not used because of counter player action and that's fine; that's the nature of the game. I am unclear on why the other option wasn't taken; but again, it's possible that player action had a hand in that too, so I don't want to make any blanket statements. Suffice to say a big lever was there; it wasn't pulled; it could have been with relative ease, and from my current understanding I can't see why it wasn't.

Secondly, however, I am inclined to wonder if, because we did not make very clear OOC what those options were to the Zodiac Council, but assumed they would understand them IC, if it got a bit lost in all the furore of the event. Equally there was a big turnover of personnel in the Council - and perhaps some of the people who might have made the logical jump went out early. Whatever the reason, it didn't get done.

For me the question is "was there equality of opportunity on the field?" While I think in the purest sense yes there was, I also think we may have stacked the deck against the Council a bit by not offering explicit instruction on the joining mechanism.

As a policy we do not do retrofits; if something happens, it happens and we do not ever un-happen it. What we are prepared to do is make more game out of things like this by viewing them as opportunities for further play.

To that end, as you will see when the main blog pages go live, there may be another roll of the dice for the Zodiac Council if they can make everything line up for them. Or maybe not. Priorities and allegiances may have changed. But given the number of times this has cropped up in feedback, we felt it worth making a public statement about it.